Darko Juric

It’s been almost 30 years and I’m just as passionate about a healthy way of living and eating as I was when I started my journey. It seems to me, as soon as I relax and think that I am at the peak with my diet, life tests me with new ways and ideas. Which is in some way inevitable when you live your life and not just float through it. I remember the beginning, my resistance to vegetarianism and the reasons why I got into this way of life. Starting with my stomach issues to a demonstration in front of the New York University where experiments on animals were being done. In a way, I’ve also become the voice that is part of the noise created by those who stood by not wanting the killing and harassing to exist. Much has changed from my initial steps, from my academic steps to my own restaurant, production and consulting. The goal was to try to change my consciousness and the awareness of people through a healthy diet and a healthier way of living and change the topography in the gastro world. There are some new kids who want those forgotten foods, flavors and textures again. They are not interested in the indoctrinated ways and simply want a newer and better lifestyle for themselves, where they are brighter, have more energy, are creative and healthier.

I’m talking about kids who are Indigo kids. Kids who are excited by these kinds of “Chefs” who do this with love for themselves and other living creatures, where there is no place for murder and massacre. They see and feel that without this view and approach the world will continue to be destroyed and simply told, there will be no future. I cling firmly and safely to their path and I am not interested in having anything with this gastronomic world so , full of processed foods that have been massacred by thermal treatment or frozen alternatives without mentioning the chemicals that contain the same foods and which eventually end up in our tissues, we call tumors. Today’s children speak to their parents nonchalantly about their nightly travels around the universe in the astral body, where of course some parents look at it with skepticism, while others are not surprised by it. They are called Indigo or Crystal Children. This is a phenomenon that has become an everyday thing for some time now.

The old Mayan predictions have happened, especially after 2012, with the so-called “Big Transition”. Since then, some of us have a chance to live in the 4D world, but the opportunity only applies to those whose minds have spread to a significantly different level – Indigo Children and those who are ready for it. This way, conscious beings consume Indigo food. Indigo food is a conscious food that nourishes us on the cellular level and does not drain us. For some, it is vegetarian or vegan food, paleo, raw / raw or anti-candida food. Our bodies are unique as well as the environment in which we live. That is why it is up to us to find the most convenient way of eating for us. But there is no room for the old way of thinking that we cannot survive without animal products (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products). After all, I am living proof that this is not true. The keywords for indigo foods are ecological, seasonal, local, alive or raw, not-genetically modified, fed on pastures and self-healing. Foods such as dairy products and processed foods (ie white foods) should be avoided wherever possible.

Try to supplement with almond mylk, coconut mylk, or non-pasteurized cow or goat milk if you have just started experimenting with a vegetarian diet. Support local manufacturers or start your own garden, even if it is your balcony. Consume dishes full of fresh colors and fresh juices instead of colored bottled drinks that do not even have a life of their own. Eat edible flowers, herbs, berries, seeds and honey. Indigo food is the beginning of your conscious life. Our plate is statistically more dangerous than the car, bearing in mind how many people die in traffic annually and how many people die from diseases that are directly linked to nutrition. Imagine how many lives can be saved by a simple dietary change. Dive deeper into yourself and ask yourself true spiritual questions like; What are the foods that make us healthier? What are the foods that enable us to have a cleaner mind?What type of diet helps us to have less wrinkles or reduce blood pressure without medication and a doctor? Everyday, we are given the opportunity to change from within to the outside because interventions from the outside are mostly cosmetic solutions. If we are willing to change, then the opportunity is today and not tomorrow. Most restaurants today serve massacred meals, dishes that are prepared under stress of those who prepare and serve them.

They first put the food in boiling water and a minute later into almost frozen water and all in the interest of satisfying quantity, time and structure. This food is served by those who are under pressure from the environment where they work and for whom they work (I know this first hand because I have been doing this job for years). It is said that we should not believe a chef who is skinny, but I think that the time has come for change and that we can no longer believe a chef who has been overfed, suffering from high blood pressure or high blood sugar. It’s time to start believing a “chef” who is “skinny” and conscious of himself, possibly on Indigo foods. Ingredients such as a lucky molecule, a love touch, space dust, a moon phase will soon be sold in our markets.