Tai chi lesson by art of life retreats at Villa Serena, Dominican Republic (video by Marvin Del Cid)


Our tailor-made “art of life” retreats and holidays offer something for everyone. With stunning natural scenery at different locations, you are going to be in true paradise. After over 20 years of experience of working in holistic health field, Darko and his team offer custom designed programs to rejuvenate at the deepest level. Our itinerary is consciously planned to take your typical retreat a few steps further. Enhance your wellbeing from a selection of retreat programs complemented with consultations, treatments and therapies; daily activities and a healthy, nutritious plant-based cuisine and workshops for your optimal healing holiday. Upon completion of our retreats you will be equipped with the tools to settle in you known environment and everyday learned new routines.

Services we provide:
Yoga and tai chi classes
Plant-based cuisine workshops
Kitchen staff training
Holistic and Nutritional consultations
Health and lifestyle lectures and groups

We are already collaborating with several resorts, boutique hotels and luxury private villas.
If you are interested in us leading any segment of retreat at you place please contact us at:

+385 91 164 1485


Villa Serena

Samana, Dominican Republic


art of life at Villa Serena

Istria Deluxe

Istria, Croatia


art of life at Istria deluxe