art of raw is requested by companies, restaurant groups, resorts and hotels, health and wellness spas and individual entrepreneurs to collaborate and consult on lifestyle projects.
Private chef placement
The core of the art of raw brand is vegan/raw.  Our chefs are trained to meet the individual needs of each client.
Speaking events and workshops
Darko is a well-known speaker and appears at many events in Croatia and around the world.
Catering and events
“art of raw” is available to host private events, from intimate groups to large-scale gatherings.
Our company profile includes a number of strategic partnerships, collaborations and endorsements, which mutually benefit specific brands and projects.
Holistic health
We provide highly educated health practitioners who are able to help client’s meet their lifestyle and health needs.
Conscious accommodations
Please contact us for accommodation requests on different locations including available dates and seasonal rates.
Raw cruising
Embark upon an unforgettable 7 day raw cruise along the beautiful Croatian coastline on our luxurious ships and discover pure joy, beauty and happiness.